Nuttin Baahd Goat Farm


goatmilk products2 eggs

Farm Fresh Size/Qty Price
Eggs & Milk
Chicken eggs Dozen $3
Raw goat milk 1/2 gal $4
Homemade products
Soap bar $5.50
Small Lotion $4
Large Lotion $8
All natural mosquito and tick repellant $8
Lionlop/holland lop bunnies $20
Lionlop/minilop bunnies $20
Registered ADGA and AGS Nigerian dwarfs
Doelings $
Wethers/bucklings $
Chicks & Ducks
Mille Fleur d'uccles $10
Light brahmas $8
Barnyard mix $5

Handmade products made by Erica Watson and Lesley Wells